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Optimum array paper submitted to JASA [Published]

Last Friday I finally submitted the revised paper to JASA.  During Spring 2011, I and my adviser wrote a journal paper to publish the findings of my MS research on optimum sensor array design. The first manuscript of the paper was submitted to JASA in May 2011. The paper was partially accepted with few comments from the reviewer.

We were able to reply to all the comments but one. I had an intuitive feel to the solution but did not have a rigorous proof to back my intuition.  My adviser always says we should follow our intuition and back it up with a rigorous proof. And over the past week  I eventually came up with a mathematical proof  and we were able to compose a solid response for the revised submission of the paper.

The paper has been published in JASA Vol 130, Issue 5. The permlink to the paper is


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September 3, 2011 at 7:30 PM

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