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Data Science from Nepal

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Data Science from Nepal

Its hard to miss “Data Science” or “Big Data” as the two hot topics at present. Wikipedia defines data science in the simplest terms as the science of extracting knowledge from data. The vast potential of data science applications is driving the job market and proportional investment from big companies. Consequently startups working in the area of data science ahave been mushrooming around the world.

Nepal hasn’t remaind untouched by the growing interest in data science. I have been following a string of startups from Nepal working in data science. These are exciting times for startup scenario in Nepal, and it is encouraging to see people experimenting with data science in their startup venture. Here I am listing some startups that I have been following:

  • Oval Analytics – Your Data Science Partner

    Oval Analytics is the brainchild of Hemanta Shrestha and Saurav Dhungana. Oval is perhaps the first technology company in Nepal with aim to provide data analytics services to local clients in addition to external clients. This is a challenging task given the limited market within the country. Oval Analytics wants to become an important part of the data science community in the country.

  • Data Nepal – Nepal Unleashed

    DataNepal was a startup with an aim to become the goto repository for “socio-economic, demographic, environmental, developmental and geospatial data “ related to Nepal. The data was mainly collected from public domain and made available in more friendly formats (JSON, CSV, XML).

  • Graph Nepal

    Graph Nepal is perhaps the first startup with focus on data visualization and infographics focused on local issues. Visualization is a powerful part of conveying the story based on big data analytics.

  • Kathmandu Living Labs
  • Cloud Factory

Let me know @sauravrt, about other startups from Nepal who are working in the area of data science, analytics and visualization. I’d be happy to know more of them and add to my list here.

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